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The Democratic race to replace Jay Nixon in the Attorney General is off to a lively start. The big news is obviously Chris Koster’s party switch, but Koster has also quickly rolled out boatloads of endorsements. For his part, House Minority Leader Jeff Harris just got the endorsement of Roger Wilson, the former Missouri Governor and chair of the Missouri Democratic Party. State Representative Margaret Donnelly (D-St. Louis) just announced two new hires yesterday, Richard Martin and Mike Kelley. Richard Martin guided Claire McCaskill’s campaign to victory over Jim Talent last year, and Mike Kelley is the former executive director for the Missouri Democratic Party. Koster leads all contenders in fundraising, Republican or Democrat, with $644,170 in the bank. Harris edged out Koster last quarter, $170,484 to $157,350, to end up with $299,133 on hand. Donnelly has a total of $33,964 in the bank.

So, it’s early in the race, but who’s got the big mo’? Who’s most likely to ride it out to the end? Have you seen any of these candidates in action on the campaign trail?