St. Louis isn’t always regarded as a hub of activism, but it is the home of the national headquarters of an extremely important group on the national scene, Veterans for Peace.  And this week, Veterans for Peace will be holding their national conference right here in the Arch City.  VFP decided to hold their conference here not only because of the proximity to the national headquarters, but also because they regard the shift in opinion in the Midwest as indicative of a critical time in the antiwar movement.  The conference organizers have provided a couple venues for the locals to take advantage of such a cool gathering of activists from around the country, so if you have the time you should check out one of these events:

Tonight (Tuesday) at 7 PM at Left Bank Books, Camilo Mejia, one of the first Iraq vets to speak out publicly against the war, will be hosting a book signing and discussion for his book “Road from Ar Ramadi.”

On Friday August 17, from 7 to 10 PM at Centenary Methodist Church (16th and Olive), VFP will be holding a convention speakout with several celebrities including Tina Richards (just profiled by the Riverfront Times) and Dennis Kucinich.

Finally, and most importantly, there will be a march through the Arch next Sunday, August 19.  Meet at the corner of 9th & Cole, downtown St. Louis, at 10:30 a.m.

The Veterans for Peace annual conference in Dallas was where Cindy Sheehan originally decided to camp outside of Bush’s ranch in Crawford, so these events definitely have the potential for some real political fireworks.  I hope anyone who lives near St. Louis will come out to support the vets brave enough to speak out against this disastrous war.

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