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Show Me Progress, debuting today, right here, is a progressive blog. It is morphing out of my old site, Change for Missouri, which was mostly national news. Although this new site will still have some national news, it will focus more on state news.

Maybe you wonder, “Really, what do we need with another blog focused on Missouri political news, huh? We’ve already got Fired Up! The folks over there get their jollies being a burr under the Republican saddle. And they do a good job of it.”

Yes, they do.

Believe it or not, though, there’s more to state news than exposing Republican hypocrisy. Oh, we’ll do what we can to roil up their ulcers, all right, but we’ll also offer you the “more” part. Part of “more” is giving you liberals, progressives, Democrats of all stripes news about who’s doing what on our side of the fence. Who’s thinking of running for office and how good are their chances? What nonsense has the Republican lege been up to, and how are the Democrats working to slow those boneheads down? What do we have to do to take back the state for the Blue guys?

Another part of “more” is making it easy for you to comment on what folks at this site have written and even to contribute by writing diaries. Eventually, once we’ve found our sea legs and scooped up some volunteers to help (hint, hint), we’ll put up a statewide events calendar.

We hope to make this site the online water cooler for progressives in Missouri. We are not officially connected to the Democratic Party or to any particular candidate, but all of us can come here to discuss ideas for getting Democrats elected and getting progressive ideas adopted.

We want the dialogue to be civil. In fact, we insist on it. Those who fail to follow the rules of good conduct in our user guidelines will be … shall we say, spoken to.

So stick your little styrofoam cup under the spout and read on. Glug, glug.