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Representative Richard Brown (D), Assistant House Minority Leader and announced candidate for Lieutenant Governor in 2024, spoke last night at the Johnson County, Missouri Democratic Club at its meeting in Warrensburg last night.

Representative Richard Brown (D), Assistant House Minority Leader.

Representative Brown (D) spoke in depth about the General Assembly, legislation, and the needs of the people in Missouri. He is optimistic about the prospects for Democratic Party candidates up and down the ticket in the 2024 election cycle, citing the U.S. Senate race, taking back the office of Governor, and additional offices falling into place. Among the issues facing Missouri are access to health care, affordable housing, living wages and economic development, support for public education, and bodily autonomy.

Representative Brown (r) reminded everyone that Republicans have controlled the Missouri General Assembly for over 20 years.

Representative Brown (D) is familiar with Warrensburg as an alumnus of the University of Central Missouri.