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Caleb Rowden (r) [2016 file photo].

This afternoon:

Caleb Rowden @calebrowden
I appreciate the partnership of our Missouri House colleagues in sending the largest tax cut in Missouri’s history to @GovParsonMO’s desk today.

It is never a bad time to give Missourians more of their money back! #MOLeg
4:22 PM · Sep 29, 2022

Some of the reponses:

…And to think you only had to drain off our rural healthcare, decimate our public schools and let our roads and bridges crumble to pay off your political donors.

20 years of fiscally irresponsible Republican leadership, and we’re all less because of your “good time.”

20yr MO GOP rule:
50th in % state edu funding
33rd in job growth
35th in GDP growth
45th in average teacher pay
46th in per pupil spend
49th in workforce
42nd in healthcare
45th in maternal mortality
50th in starting teacher pay
35th in 10 year wage growth
38th in avg pop growth

it was never ‘our money’. It was supposed to go to the general welfare, like teachers, schools, infrastructure. Now ‘our money’ is being given to rich ppl who don’t need it.

Man oh man, what am I going to do with my extra $72 this year.

I am so grateful! I mean, schools are 4 days a week, hospitals are closing down, and my car needs new tires every year because of the roads, but man, I GOT $72!!!

Thanks for the $11 dollars. #ruiningmissourionedouchebagrepublican at a time.

I’m sure the corporations love y’all for catering to them.

You suck at your job

Now how about fixing our roads and schools, or are you too busy pandering to your corporate sponsors. I actually remember when MO had a government that worked for all people, not just the rich white ones.

Too bad it is another bullshit Republican tax gift to the very rich, rather than something that will actually benefit working taxpayers or their state’s economy.

Did you bother to ask your constituents if they wanted this? Let me guess…definitely not. You all just keep thinking that saying “tax cuts” and Missourians are clueless and so easy to fool. The past 20 years of Republican rule is destroying our state!

Congratulating yourselves when you hold a super majority to pass damaging tax cuts that literally only benefit the few…is something. You terrorists are as stupid as you are cruel.

You are a Lying SOB. You raised taxes on the working families of the state to give your rich donors a tax giveaway, paid for by the working class. Clutch your pearls and STFU.

Well, at least we know some people in Missouri aren’t as stupid as the majority in the right wingnut controlled General Assembly believes they are.

Mike Parson (r) [2022 file photo}.

And others, too.