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“…A vote for [yes] the Value Them Both Amendment would affirm there is no Kansas constitutional right to abortion…”

Via the Kansas Secretary of State:

Yep, “Yes” lost. Bigly.


Value Them Both Releases Statement on Election Results

08.02.22 — Over the last six months, Kansans endured an onslaught of misinformation from radical left organizations that spent millions of out-of-state dollars to spread lies about the Value Them Both Amendment.

Sadly, the mainstream media propelled the left’s false narrative, contributing to the confusion that misled Kansans about the amendment. While the outcome is not what we hoped, our movement and campaign have proven our resolve and commitment. We will not abandon women and babies. [….]


Group behind misleading abortion amendment texts tied to former Congressman Tim Huelskamp, report says
Andrew Bahl
Topeka Capital-Journal

A PAC led by former Congressman Tim Huelskamp was behind a misleading text message urging support for a proposed abortion amendment to the Kansas Constitution, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The messages, which were sent Monday afternoon to registered Democrat voters, inaccurately implied that voting yes on the amendment would protect abortion rights in the Kansas Constitution, when in fact the opposite is true. [….]

Yep, chutzpah.

“Hey patriarchy, get your religion off my body”


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