Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Democrats’ misguided “spend, spend, spend” policies have gotten us to the point – inflation is at a nearly 41-year high.
3:42 PM · Jul 14, 2022

There was no mercy in the comments:

Please identify three examples of the “spend, spend, spend” policies you would stop RIGHT NOW.

That would be the Trump Tax Cut for the Rich. #TaxBillionaires

You built this, Roy.

Trump increased the deficit. Biden lowered the deficit. Try again.

I remember those necessary Trump Tax Cuts. [….]

You built this, Roy.

#BluntBot is active again. What set it off?

Perhaps it was recognition that inflation is up world-wide, so this talking point has to be beaten into the ground to cover for how little explanatory power it actually has.

Inflation is above 9% in Europe. It is a global phenomenon, and not the fault of @POTUS or the Democrats.

Lol. Tax cuts are also expenditures, pal.

You built this, Roy.

Dont forget supply chain disruption, labor shortages due to the woefully inadequate minimum wage and millions from the workforce who died or disabled due to covid, the impact of embargoing Russian oil on the WORLD economy and record profits of the oil companies.

Just to name a few things.

And yet corporate profits are at an all-time high and Missouri is poor. Maybe this is a bipartisan issue? Or is that too sensible of an idea for the “free-thinking” moderates of Missouri?

Also tax cuts, the pandemic, supply/demand issues, price gouging; inflation is a global issue.

Break down the numbers for us, Roy. Take us into the weeds.

That’s neither accurate,nor how inflation works. Go back to your data.

Remember that bigass tax cut you voted for during the last administration?

It’s not the Dems or Biden! Inflation is up world-wide due to a lot of issues that are out of the control of anyone in power, otherwise I’m sure you and your colleagues would have suggestions on how to fix it, right?!?!? No, just talking points??

Let’s discuss the effect of that huge tax cut for the rich y’all did. F’ing clown.

You built this, Roy.

You’re a damn liar.

Inflation is up all over the world.

Just go away and retire already.