Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].



Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
The freedom we have as Americans is not guaranteed. It must be secured from one generation to the next.

On Memorial Day, we remember our service members who made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives to secure our freedom.
8:09 AM · May 30, 2022

A few of the responses:

Words roy, just words. Your actions speak much louder than your words.

Thanks for trading our liberty for that amazing DC country club, Roy

Cool. What are you doing to keep my daughter safe in her school?

My freedom is infringed by Republicans allowing weapons of war to be easily accessible in the US.

And let’s not forget the children..that we have determined are an acceptable loss instead of taking action on gun violence. More than 4k in 2020, but your party will continue to do nothing.

I’m so excited for the end of your political career.

And upon your retirement, what have you done while in service? Obstruction? Unfair packing of the courts? I can’t think of ANYTHING else.

Yet you dishonor them daily by failing yourself to protect the democracy they fought for. Your obstructionist partisan behavior steps all over freedom and potential this great experiment promises. Shame on you. Your party and power over country is the way you chose to go out [….]

Says the party trying to overthrow democracy?!?!? Right!

American Children be slaughtered in school isn’t FREEDOM. Our Military doesn’t want their weapons used against their Children. #BanAssaultWeaponsNow #GunControlNow

Please support the expansion of background checks on all gun sales. The 4th graders of Ulvade were more important than your stock portfolio and your NRA blood money.

The legacy of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice should not be so that someone can legally purchase an AR-15 along with thousands of rounds of ammunition and go out a kill a bunch of school children and elderly shoppers, Roy!

Your party dishonors their sacrifice every day with attacks on democracy and the rule of law.