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“…both have their advantages, ‘heaven for climate, hell for company’…” – Mark Twain’s Notebooks and Journals, vol. 3

Meta. On occasion we get comments which our system holds for approval. At times, when we’re particularly bored, we’ll take a comment that we wouldn’t normally remove from moderation and post it separately to mock it.


The thing is, is people want to go to hell then that’s their choice! Religion isn’t forced upon anyone! But christians are forces to deal with lots and lots they shouldn’t have to because non Christians rights appear more important! The Bible commands Christians to walk about the land spreading the Word! Telling the Good News!! So we do! Not our fault you’d rather not go to heaven!

We rest our case.

You’re not a particularly convincing representative. We want to be wherever you’re not.


HB 728: the right wingnut cult of religious victimhood (April 3, 2019)