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Yesterday afternoon around 100 Warrensburg area residents gathered to support their friends and neighbors in the Asian American Pacific Islander community in a march against hate and racism.

State Representative Emily Weber (D-24).

After the march State Representative Emily Weber (D-24) spoke:

…The one serious side effect of this pandemic has been a surge of anti-Asian discrimination here in the United States as a result of racist [inaudible] by people who want to blame others for something outside of their control…

…We have endured dirty looks, sideways glances, we’ve heard the racist, racial slurs. We have witnessed violence against our community. All because of our race…

State Representative Emily Weber (D-24).

…We need your voice. And your voice will be heard by getting involved….Get involved with organizations that stand with your values or issues you’re concerned about. You can also register, if you aren’t already, to vote. Then, go get five other people to vote. Then go vote in every single election. [applause] The last action item you can do is run for office. We need you on school boards, city councils, state reps, senate, U.S. Representative, everything…


AAPI March – Warrensburg, Missouri – May 16, 2021 (May 16, 2021)