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This afternoon in west central Missouri, just across the street:

Let’s see.

There are now over 220,000 deaths from the pandemic because he knew but didn’t (and still hasn’t) created or followed a plan. Masks anyone? Check.

He’s gone to the Supreme Court to remove protections for pre-existing medical conditions. You all realize that the millions of Americans who have contracted COVID-19 now have a pre-existing condition? Check.

Donald Trump paid $750 in federal taxes. Small check.

He spent around $135,000.00 to pay off a porn star for services while he was married to his third wife. Family values? Check.

Immigrants seeking asylum with their children – legally – separated at the border from their children who were placed and held in cages. Now we just learn that over 500 of those children will probably never be united with their parents – because of the cruelty and incompetence of Donald Trump and his administration. You good with that? Check.

Grift? Cruelty? Misogyny? Check.

2020 has not been a good year. Is that keeping America great? Just asking. Check.

We could go in in this vein – it’s a really long list.

Then this thing about praying for America. Is it prayer from one denomination only? Are others welcome to do so, or is it an exclusive club? Just asking. Because you know, there are Wiccans, and Jews, and Muslims, and Buddhists, and more in America. And Athiests.

And then that little bit of projection. Is that in response to the signs in my yard? The ones, you know, that just indicate support for candidates. Cults do that – their true believers consider support for another candidate an unforgiveable insult to their cult leader and they must respond in kind.

There was a Trump yard sign across the street in 2016. We’ve never bothered to meet them. We never will.