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This evening from Missouri ACLU:

Breaking: Statement regarding unconstitutional use of chemical agents and arrests outside of the Governor’s Mansion.

“The brutality inflicted on peaceful protesters and journalists by the rogue police force in front of the governor’s mansion today was reprehensible. Under the First Amendment, protestors have the right to assemble and demand accountability from their government. Journalists have the right and duty to report those demands. This especially rings true in front of the taxpayer-funded Governor’s mansion and down the street from the Missouri State Capitol building.

Police have no right to pretend that a law has been violated to justify arrests. But even when protestors can be arrested shooting chemical agents at protestors who were in the process of complying with officer orders is a callous and inappropriate response to dissent. This is another shameful example of police officers unable to accept criticism who then demonstrates that criticism is valid by resorting to the gratuitous use of force. No official who fails to denounce these tactics can be taken seriously if they claim in the future that care about our constitutional rights. Missouri must reevaluate its priorities and recognize that true public safety starts with police reform.”


Kaitlyn Schallhorn @K_Schallhorn
I identified myself as a reporter multiple times and followed instructions the police gave as to where to stand. I had one officer yell at me multiple times to move, I did as instructed. He threatened to arrest me several times.
2:04 PM · Jul 30, 2020

Apparently a few people staged a die in on the street next to the Governor’s Mansion. In the afternoon in July in Jefferson City. Really? It’s not like they were blocking rush hour traffic.

Escalation is not a smart strategery. Not now. Not during a leadership crisis. Not during a pandemic.