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“….The plane ride will be recorded as a contribution when the governor’s political action committee, Uniting Missouri, files its next campaign finance report with the Missouri Ethics Commission in April.

Uniting Missouri treasurer John Hancock said the use of the plane is legal because Parson raised money while in Florida for the game….”

And how much money did he raise?

By the way, who else was on the plane?

Governor Mike Parson (r) and Missouri First Lady Teresa Parson [2018 file photo].

Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C180490 02/11/2020 Uniting Missouri PAC TM AVIATION LLC 2310 S REDWOOD AVE INDEPENDENCE MO 64057 2/11/2020 $15,497.55

[emphasis added]


Nice Super Bowl LIV seats you got there (February 3, 2020)

Because there are never any direct commercial flights between Kansas City or St. Louis and Miami? (February 3, 2020)