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This is America, July 2019.

Americans do not support Trump’s ICE raids
By Marshall Fitz, opinion contributor — 07/13/19 10:00 AM EDT

…Beginning Sunday morning, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), by order of President Trump, will begin a series of cruel, unnecessary raids aimed at rounding up, detaining and deporting thousands of people. Many of those immigrants detained will have had the removal orders against them filed in absentia — meaning they will have never been informed of the orders’ existence.

Among those specifically targeted will be families who had enrolled in the now-terminated Family Case Management Program — an effective, cost-efficient program that saw almost 100 percent compliance rates with immigration hearings and check-ins. Also targeted will be young immigrants who had previously been protected from deportation as unaccompanied minors, but who aged out of such protections when they turned 18.

By devoting resources to inflicting fear and hardship on immigrant communities at a time when children are being denied soap, toothpaste, blankets and other necessities in dangerously overcrowded Border Patrol facilities on the southern border, the administration is making the inhumanity of its policies plain for all to see…

Last night over 500 individuals showed up at Washington Square Park in Kansas City, Missouri for a rally on immigration which was organized as one of the Lights for Liberty demonstrations which were held across the country “to stand in solidarity with immigrant communities across the country and protest human detention camps”. The event, starting at 7:00 p.m., included information tables, postcards to Congress stations, speakers, and a vigil.

Teach your children well:

“Not today Satan”

“Will trade racists for refugees”

Call them what they are:

“Concentration Camps are a disgrace to God and our country”

“Families belong together, vote Trump out”

Teach your children well:

“Diversity makes America great”

“Side with Love”

“Summer Camps, not Concentration Camps”

“Give a damn”

“Reunite the families”

“Legal immigration should not be deadly”

“Close the camps”

Teach your children well:

“People don’t belong in cages”

“End family separation”

At Pershing and Grand:

“Keep families together”