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Representative Ingrid Burnett (D) – May 15, 2018.

After tonight there are three days left in the regular legislative session. Time is running out. Bills are going back and forth between the Senate and the House. If there are differences then one house needs to accept what the other has done, or they can refuse and go to a conference committee. That takes time.

Today HCS SS SCS SBS 603, 576 & 898 (on virtual education) came back to the House from the Senate with differences. An inquiry of the bill handler in the House:

Rep. Ingrid Burnett (D) (left) and Rep. Bryan Spencer (R) (right) – May 15, 2018.

The result:

House Communications @MOHOUSECOMM
By a voice vote, #MOHouse refuses to recede from its position on SBs 603, 576 & 898 (Virtual Education) and grants the Senate a conference & allow conferees to exceed the differences.
12:58 PM – 15 May 2018

Allowing conferees to exceed the differences (from the House version) may save some time. It can also raise some eyebrows [from former Representative Chris Kelly (D)]:

Chris Kelly @repckelly
Oh oh, exceeding the differences is always a red flag. Gotta pay attention.
1:04 PM – 15 May 2018

We shall see.


Jefferson City: hold that board open – HCS SS SCS SBS 603, 576 & 899 (May 10, 2018)

[Yeah, we got that last Senate bill number wrong on May 10th.]