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Unlike most others, Senator Claire McCaskill (D) ain’t afraid of her constituents.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [2012 file photo].

From Senator McCaskill’s office:

McCaskill to Host Public Town Halls Across Missouri
Public town halls have been a hallmark for McCaskill—this month, Senator will hold 8 public forums, open to the press, in communities across the state
Thursday, April 6, 2017
MISSOURI – Senator Claire McCaskill—who has hosted public town hall meetings in Missouri throughout her time in the U.S. Senate—will hold more public town halls across the state this month.
“I think it’s important that I hold myself accountable to Missourians—and having public town halls, where any Missourian can show up and chew on me about what they think I’m doing right or wrong, and share their ideas and concerns, is a great way to do it,” said McCaskill, who grew up in rural Missouri. “Town halls like these are part of what makes our democracy great, and I think every elected official would benefit from listening and learning from Missourians, face-to-face.”
McCaskill’s eight public town halls this month will take place in counties across the state. Additional details will be announced in advance.
Public town halls with Missourians have been a hallmark of McCaskill’s time in the Senate, including tours across the state. During debate over the Affordable Care Act—at a time of heightened demonstrations against the law—McCaskill held a series of highly publicized town halls, including in traditionally conservative areas of Missouri, to hear directly from Missourians about their concerns and respond to criticisms. In 2014, McCaskill logged more than 1,000 miles around the state on her “McCaskill on Main Street” series of public town halls.

Count ’em, eight.

Some of the social media responses from right wingnuts remind me of 2009. This time Claire McCaskill’s (D) supporters won’t be so polite.


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