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I live in West St. Louis County. Until recently political signs for either candidate have been pretty sparse in my area; there are certainly far fewer on display than in the past two elections – where Obama/Biden signs ran even with those for the GOP candidates. No such Democratic/Republican parity this year, although even Trumpsters seem relatively few and far between.

One Trump sign near my house that was set out early was removed after the Access Hollywood tape and the related Trump sex assault scandal came to the fore. The folks who lived there, though, have evidently done an Ann Wagner and their Trump/Pence sign reappeared last week. Go figure.

Nevertheless, though there are far fewer Clinton/Kaine signs visible in central West County, the  folks responsible for the homemade signs below demonstrate that there’s plenty of enthusiasm for keeping the country safe for Democracy and out of the hands of Trump and his Breitbart-Bannon mafia: