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….Yes, but the eventual republican nominee will have all the money they need….

Chris Koster (D): …and they [Republicans] chose a motivational speaker, a professional motivational speaker with a machine gun who pledges to blow this government up….And I have watched this individual now, Eric Greitens’ work, for the last six months and I take him at his word that he is capable of blowing the government up. But I have no confidence whatsoever that he has the experience or the knowledge how to put it back together when he does….

The past few days at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Eric Greitens’ (r) 2016 gubernatorial campaign:

C151053 08/04/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI Ronald Neville 3541 E. Kingswood Drive Springfield MO 65809 Self Investor 8/4/2016 $5,001.00

C151053 08/04/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI C V Starr & Company Inc. 399 Park Ave. Floor 8 New York NY 10022 8/4/2016 $10,000.00

C151053 08/05/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI August Busch III PO Box 16550 St Louis MO 16550 Retired Retired 8/5/2016 $50,000.00

C151053 08/08/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI John Danforth 911 Tirrill Farms Rd. St Louis MO 63124 Dowd Bennett Attorney 8/8/2016 $6,000.00

C151053 08/08/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI Drury Development Corporation 721 Emerson Road Suite 200 St Louis MO 63141 8/8/2016 $75,000.00

C151053 08/08/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI HTH Companies, Inc. 239 Rock Industrial Blvd. Suite 108 Union MO 63084 8/8/2016 $100,000.00

C151053 08/08/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI HCW Development Company, LLC 153 S. Payne Stewart Dr. Branson MO 63108 8/8/2016 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

That’s a total of $256,001.00.

Apparently there are establishment republicans who find minigun campaign ads particularly persuasive.


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