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Will Kraus’ (r) 2016 primary campaign for Secretary of State isn’t holding back anything in the scorched earth, sow the land with salt department. A video from the Kraus (r) campaign:

Announcer: Jay Ashcroft uses his last name as a political tool, but he’s fallen far from the family tree. Jay attended the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy for three years, which by law means he must serve in the military, repay taxes for his tuition, or get special permission not to. But Jay never finished at the Academy. He didn’t serve. He hasn’t said he repaid taxpayers and he won’t tell us why. Did he get special treatment because his father was governor? Was he dismissed for bad behavior? Missourians don’t know because Jay won’t answer basic questions about a serious issue.

Jay has since tried his hand as a professor, as a lawyer, as an engineer, and now he works for his dad’s law firm.

In two thousand fourteen Jay refused to oppose a core component of Obamacare and lost his race for state senate. He told Missourians he was for voter ID law, started a signature campaign to get it on our ballot, but failed to submit even a single signature. We simply can’t count on Jay to finish anything he starts.

We can’t even count on him to vote. Jay Ashcroft, who wants to be the top elections official in the state did not vote in six major elections just between two thousand to two thousand twelve, including a two thousand four constitutional amendment vote to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Jay asks for your vote, but he doesn’t show up himself. He doesn’t answer your questions. He doesn’t finish the job.

Jay Ashcroft has fallen a long way from his family tree and he is far from who he says he is.

[Paid For By Citizens For Will Kraus, Curtis Morrison, Treasurer]

There’s so much right wingnut win in this it’s really difficult to figure out where to start.

Pass the popcorn.


Sen. Will Kraus (r): warming up the crowd about urban schools at the Santorum rally (February 4, 2012)