On occasion we get comments. Our regular readers (maybe dozens of you) might note that we don’t get too many, but we’re okay with that.

Here’s the thing, we pay for this blog, we write for it, and we decide the content. If you’re concerned about your freedom of expression in this environment start your own blog. Maybe people will read what you’ve written, maybe they won’t. Given the reality of this internets thing it’s probable that very few people will ever read what you write if that’s your choice. Maybe your grandparents.

When we made the transition to this new (to us) platform we weren’t particularly concerned about enabling comments. Mostly because we didn’t want to spend time cleaning out massive amounts of spam. When we learned that the platform included a nifty and very effective spam filter along with a process for editor approval of comments we figured, what the hell, we’ll enable comments for the blog.

The past few days we’ve had an increase of comments.

In practice all submitted comments sit in a queue waiting for approval from an editor. If they’re relevant they get approved. If they’re incoherent, illiterate, bigoted, etcetera, they go in the trash to disappear forever within thirty days. Unless they’re worth mocking publicly on the blog, then we’ll put them up and mock them. Mercilessly.

You think you know where this is going, right?

You might note that no comments have appeared in our recent posts. If you possess a modicum of critical thinking skills it should dawn on you that those comments weren’t approved because they were incoherent, illiterate, bigoted, etcetera.

They weren’t anything other than insipid desultory right wingnut trolling so they weren’t even worth the effort in posting and mocking them. Sort of like Jeb Bush’s (r) 2016 presidential campaign.