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Representative Stacey Newman (D) on the floor of the Missouri House [2014 file photo].

Representative Stacey Newman (D) on the floor of the Missouri House [2014 file photo].

A press release from Representative Stacey Newman (D):


January 5, 2016


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – State Rep. Stacey Newman (D-Richmond Heights) applauds President Obama’s executive actions today to save lives due to gun violence.

In 2015 there were more mass shootings nationwide than days of the year resulting in over 475 fatalities and 1870 injuries. In Missouri, St. Louis & Kansas City mayors, police chiefs and prosecutors continue to ask for help to address their “slow motion mass murder,” as KC Mayor Sly James calls it. St. Louis City ended 2015 with a record number of gun violence deaths including over 180 homicides as tracked by St. Louis City Police Chief Sam Dotson. There is currently no ability to accurately track every gun death in Missouri – including those due to domestic violence, accidental shootings of children and suicides.

“Since Congress and the Missouri state legislature refuse to take action to reduce gun violence, extending federal background checks applicable to all gun sellers is a first step in preventing convicted felons from purchasing firearms. It is a small step but a common sense one that over 80% of Missourians want, including law enforcement, prosecutors, gun owners and NRA members,” said Rep. Newman.

She continued, “Who on earth is in favor of known criminals being able to purchase as many guns as they desire with no questions asked? I have full faith in the administration’s constitutional authority to close the loophole that exists, particularly in Missouri with non-licensed dealers at gun shows and on the internet.”

President Obama today in his address mentioned the recent study profiled by the New York Times that found that Missouri’s gun violence fatality rate skyrocketed after the state’s repeal of comprehensive background check and purchase permit laws. The study by national researcher Daniel Webster also suggested that criminals had easier access to guns after the repeal.

Rep. Newman continues to sponsor Missouri universal background check legislation every year since the Sandy Hook mass school shooting in December 2012. Her current bill, HB1596, pre-filed last month, would require a federal background check for all gun purchases and transfers.


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