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The 2016 republican gubernatorial primary will not disappoint us.

Peter Kinder [2013 file photo].

Peter Kinder [2013 file photo].

In the Columbia Daily Tribune:

Kinder campaign revises finance reports over $50,000 discrepancy
By Rudi Keller
Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 12:00 am

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s campaign committee on Friday filed 16 amended finance reports, dating back to 2012, to correct reporting omissions that resulted in a difference of more than $50,000 between actual and reported bank balances….

…The amended report for the January through March quarter of the year showed a cash balance of $830.02. The report filed with the ethics commission on April 15 reported the balance as $56,673.27…

Ruh, roh.

Serious issues with a committee’s finance reports is never a good thing. The number of amended reports alone is mind boggling.


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