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An important rule for actually acquiring political power – one does not write and sign petitions asking for it, one organizes and seizes it.

At the White House petition site:

We petition the Obama Administration to:

encourage ALL Democratic Party Superdelegates to the National Convention to vote for BERNIE SANDERS not Hillary.

We urge all Democratic Party unpledged Superdelegates to stop endorsing and unethically pre-pledging Wall Street and Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, and to instead endorse and cast superdelegate votes for only BERNIE SANDERS, who is NOT backed by corrupt Wall Street lobbyists, corporations and the 1%. WE NEED BIG MONEY OUT OF POLITICS NOW. Bernie Sanders is the ONLY candidate running who is not bought by Wall Street, the corporations and the 1%. We, the People, have decided overwhelmingly in poll after poll, focus group after focus group, survey after survey, that Hillary Clinton is UNFIT for the office of POTUS, and we INSIST that superdelegates stop endorsing her. We the PEOPLE will vote OUT OF OFFICE any superdelegate casting a nomination vote for Hillary. PROMISE.

Published Date: Nov 01, 2015

Issues: Environment, Government Reform, Regulatory Reform

Signatures needed by December 01, 2015 to reach goal of 100,000 99,439
Total signatures on this petition 561

[emphasis added]


In general the Democratic Party superdelegates include sitting elected Governors, sitting elected U.S. Senators, sitting elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the state party’s elected members to the Democratic National Committee, others, and PLEO (Party Leader/Elected Official) delegates – all must be members of the Democratic Party. They are considered to be unpledged delegates and are free to choose who they support for the nomination. To become a PLEO delegate you need to have spent a significant amount of energy over a long period of time organizing, running for office, and/or helping others run for office. PLEO delegates are elected by the members of the state party committee. The automatic superdelegates are officeholders elected in a previous election to their office by the voters in a general election and are superdelegates by virtue of that and their party membership. This process is not secret. Every state Democratic Party has a delegate selection plan that is required by the Democratic National Committee and is public.

As if President Obama has the ability or the concern to change all that.

The individuals who wrote and signed this petition are harmless. Their idea of activism or trolling consists of spending time and energy on this petition. Right, that has always been the most effective means of seizing, holding, and executing political power…