Hillary Clinton’s campaign tweeted:

Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton
Sorry about the mean tweets you’ve been getting, @KevinMcCarthy—been there! 10:41 AM – 7 Oct 2015

Another video about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign throwing Representative Kevin McCarthy (r) an anvil:

[A message from @KevinMcCarthy]

Kevin McCarthy (no, not that one): Hi, I’m Kevin McCarthy. Not the Kevin McCarthy probably replacing John Boehnor. A different Kevin McCarthy. From Iowa.

I’ve been getting your tweets lately. ‘Why can’t you speak a coherent thought?’ ‘John Boenher, version two.’ ‘Kevin McCarthy is a dork.’

You know, it was really funny at first. And then they just kept going and going and going. And it wouldn’t stop. And then I figured out why.

The other Kevin McCarthy went on TV and said this:

Representative Kevin McCarthy (R): Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee. What are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping.

Kevin McCarthy (no, not that one): So I get why you’re mad, I do. This guy, who’s probably going to be the next Speaker of the House just said that the committee that’s supposed to be investigating Benghazi is now focusing its attention on Hillary’s emails with an eye towards hurting her poll numbers?

So instead of focusing on the American tragedy they said they’d focus on they’re spending our taxpayer dollars to play electoral politics.

I get it, it’s gross. But it’s not my fault, it’s the House Republicans So please, stop retweeting – my Twitter account just can’t handle it.

Oh, and by the way, go Hillary.



Hillary Clinton (D): Kevin McCarthy (r) opens mouth, inserts foot television ad (October 5, 2015)