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Another republican is running for governor in 2016.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder [August 2013 file photo].

This afternoon via Twitter:

Peter ‏@PeterKinder

I’m running for Governor with a common sense agenda to unify our state, grow liberty and create opportunity! 4:13 PM – 12 Jul 2015

A few of the responses:

Tony ‏@ThoughtsOfTony

@PeterKinder @DLoesch Isn’t that a pretty generic statement that is about as meaningful as Miss USA wanting world peace? 4:37 PM – 12 Jul 2015

Nathan Kelly ‏@nkellykc

@PeterKinder @DLoesch I will not vote for someone as sleazy at kinder for the office of governor of MO 4:49 PM – 12 Jul 2015

B Yates ‏@OldDrum

@PeterKinder Wow! “grow liberty and create opportunity” means you support Medicaid expansion and the decision for same sex couples to marry. 4:48 PM – 12 Jul 2015

You would think so, but probably not.

Pass the popcorn.


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