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“Pretty please, we still want to be the gatekeepers…”

Today the stenographer weighed in on Eric Greitens’ (r) probable run for governor in 2016:

Steve Kraske: Remember the name Eric Greitens


The Kansas City Star

03/28/2015 10:19 AM

Eric Greitens didn’t call me back.

And that’s a surprise, because Greitens is from St. Louis and apparently wants to run for governor.

In other words, he needs name ID now in Kansas City, and I thought he’d grab an interview with gusto….

….But all those guys lost.

That’s a problem. Because they reached so high so fast, their states were robbed of their special talents that might have been put to good use if they had run for a more, shall we say, attainable office.

Who knows? Maybe Greitens proves me wrong. A good way to start would be to return my call.

He doesn’t need to return your calls.

Uh, the world has changed. As much as some people hate the fact, old media isn’t the gatekeeper for political viability anymore. Nor should it be.

Uh, you do know that Eric Greitens (r) has been a featured speaker at Missouri Boys State for years, right? You know, that program with close to a thousand young men every year from all parts of the state who have also pledged to be active in their communities? Yeah, they know who Eric Greitens (r) is.

Oh, and by the way, Eric Greitens (r) has raised at least $434,502.00 in a little over a month.

Okay, Eric Greitens is a republican (probably) running for governor. There is that.


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