So…the “Right to Farm” initiative passes with barely 2400 votes and folks like Missouri Senator Mike Parson express distain over a recount:

“It is a shame the taxpayers have had to foot the bill for this recount when it was clear the outcome would not be changed,” said Parson, “The effort and expense for this project has been significant.  I am looking forward to the results being certified and this important language being added to the Missouri Constitution.”

And then, on another initiative issue, regarding teacher tenure…along comes Ed (Emery):…

Ed’s pretty sure that the results of his local survey trumps the voice of Missouri voters:…

Not to compare apples to oranges, but which one of these votes was really a mandate? What kind of bill will the State of Missouri “foot” for rehashing this isssue?

Ed, no recount on teacher reform needed, no matter what your focus group of 2200+ says (which, by the way, is a slimmer margin than the Right to Farm win). Guess it only matters when it doesn’t come out the way the majority party…and their one “T-Rex”-sized billfold…wants it to be.

Will we eventually see a “Right to Teach” bill? Don’t hold your breath. Teacher tenure, as written into Missouri law, guarantees due process for tenured teachers. It does not guarantee a job to poor teachers.

Senator Emery’s district includes school districts such as Lamar, Nevada, Butler, and most all of Cass County. Word has it that he’s hot on the tail of the funds in the Public School Retirement System.

I’ll be hanged if I ever figure out why any Missouri educator votes for a Republican.