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In the republican world:

Eli Yokley ‏@eyokley

“A million dollars from a millionaire? He made more in interest last week,” @HanawayForGov says, defending @rexsinquefield money. #MOGov 4:52 PM – 21 Feb 2015

Not too good at math. Uh, if somebody’s assets generate a million dollars interest in one week they’re considerably more wealthy than just a “millionaire”.

Somebody else caught that:

Grant ‏@GrantGambling

Billionaire* @eyokley @HanawayForGov @rexsinquefield 4:56 PM – 21 Feb 2015

Tony Wyche ‏@tonywyche

@eyokley @HanawayForGov @rexsinquefield well then that makes it OK. 5:06 PM – 21 Feb 2015

Well, it is legal in Missouri.

Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

It doesn’t matter if I’m subservient to one radical rich man because he still has money after he pays me [….] #mogov 5:32 PM – 21 Feb 2015

In other news today:

Missouri GOP ‏@missourigop

@HanawayForGov wins State Committee #mogov straw poll at #RLD2015 10:44 AM – 21 Feb 2015

And they say money can’t buy happiness.


Campaign Finance: the giant chess piece in the room (January 15, 2015)