It begins with education.

Medicaid expansion has been facing stubborn opposition from the republican majority in the Missouri General Assembly. Yet, the Missouri Medicaid Coalition, an umbrella group, continues to organize in support of Medicaid expansion at the grassroots level across the state.

This evening in Warrensburg the Johnson County Democratic Club hosted Martha Stevens from the Missouri Rural Crisis Center for an informational presentation on Medicaid expansion and on behalf of organizing for its expansion.  

Martha Stevens of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center speaking on Medicaid expansion on behalf of the Missouri Medicaid Coalition.

According to the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, because Medicaid expansion in Missouri has been blocked in the General Assembly:

Two hospitals in Missouri have already closed, costing 1,800 rural employees their jobs, while other hospitals are being forced to cut back on services. [….]

Without Medicaid Expansion, Missouri hospitals would lose approximately $3.5 billion by the end of 2019.

68% of all rural physicians are older than age 50, and it’s harder to recruit physicians to rural areas because of the high risk of uncompensated care, due to a lack of Medicaid and insurance.


If Missouri hospitals continue to cut back or close, rural Missourians will be forced to travel larger and longer distances to have access to a hospital….


Again, who represents the rural areas of the state in the General Assembly? I thought so.


HJR 40: let’s give voters an opportunity to put it in the Constitution (February 19, 2015)