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Yeah, this is a process story once again involving the President and Air Force One. Since we cover politics and government in the area and President Obama has a big event in Lawrence, Kansas tomorrow we’ve been going through the process to be able to cover the various components of his trip. The President arrived this evening in Topeka on Air Force One. And since the President may or may not choose to speak to the media upon arrival we took a chance and decided to show up to cover it.

There was a lot of hurry up and wait. And more waiting. We waited in a hanger-like building. Then, in a hallway. Towards the end of our wait Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (r) walked by, stopping to shake hands and say hello as he worked his way past the line of waiting media.

Shortly before the arrival of Air Force One we were escorted out on the tarmac. It was cold. Really cold. It was dark. Really dark.

Air Force One landed and taxied about 150 feet from the media riser (an old flatbed trailer). We tried to take photographs in the cold and darkness.

The President was greeted at the base of the stairs by Governor Brownback (r). They spoke briefly. Then the President entered the presidential limousine and the motorcade drove off.

President Obama arriving in Topeka – January 21, 2015.

At the foot of the stairs – Governor Sam Brownback (left) and President Obama (right) – January 21, 2015.

Governor Sam Brownback (r) speaking with the media on the tarmac – January 21, 2015.

After the President’s motorcade left Governor Brownback and a small group of individuals started walking back to the hanger-like building. Someone in the media area started yelling questions. Governor Brownback hesitated briefly and then turned to walk back toward the media area. The media as a whole descended on the spot from the riser and surrounding area. The noise of generators from the lights and media satellite trucks and the impenetrable media scrum made it impossible for us to hear the questions and answers which ensued. Evidently we’re not pushy enough. We did get some photos.

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