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Publisher’s parties highlight reporting issues in Missouri ethics laws

By Rudi Keller

Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 12:00 am

JEFFERSON CITY – During the 2014 legislative session, the High Street offices of the Missouri Times became the venue for legislators and their staffs to enjoy parties with lobbyist-paid liquor, beer and snacks that went largely unreported to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Publisher Scott Faughn called each party an “unveiling,” honoring a particular lawmaker. He text-messaged invitations with the names of sponsoring lobbyists or organizations. At the appointed time, participants who agreed to be interviewed said, a photograph of the chosen legislator would be hung on the office wall and those in attendance would be asked to comment…..


And a somewhat testy response:

We have officially arrived…..& we owe it all to our readers

January 04, 2015 / by Scott Faughn

Our readers will particularly understand being in a campaign as the hopeless underdog, where you’re so irrelevant that your competitor doesn’t even mention your name.

So you work your ass off for months in obscurity, and then comes that moment when out of nowhere your opponent attacks you.

And that’s the moment when you know you’ve arrived. You have their attention, it’s now a race, and they’re not happy about it….


….After 24 months of hard work, endless hours, countless mistakes, thousands of challenges the fact that the 100+ year old Columbia Tribune ran by the eminently respected Hank Watters allowed reporter Rudi Keller to attack us days after we announced that we would begin distributing in Columbia is more gold plated proof than anything we could have ever said about ourselves that we have officially arrived….


Alrighty, then.