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The Rex Sinquefield funded PAC Grow Missouri’s moving billboard at

the University of Central Missouri’s Skyhaven Airport near Warrensburg [file photo].

In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

‘Grow More’ public listening events not so public

By Alex Stuckey

JEFFERSON CITY • Missourians who spot a 200-foot-long blimp over their city may wonder about the hashtag “#GrowMo” splashed on its side.

If not for the “Create a Great State” slogan penned above it, onlookers might think it’s an advertisement for Grow More, which advocates for legalizing marijuana in Missouri – and shares the same hashtag.

But it’s not. The blimp promotes a statewide listening tour put on by Grow Missouri, a group backed by wealthy investor Rex Sinquefield. The group’s website asks people to share their ideas on how to “Create a Great State.” It also asks visitors to “come to events.”

When and where those events are held is anyone’s guess – and some of them aren’t open to the public….

Seriously, is anyone surprised?


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