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A campaign mail piece from Dean Dohrman (r), the incumbent in the 51st Legislative District race:

Dean Dohrman’s (r) first 2014 campaign mailing.

So, apparently, Dean Dohrman (r) is running against Barrack Obama. Interestingly, he spends his time in Jefferson City voting against Sharia Law, voting against Agenda 21, and voting for nullification (which was settled 150 years ago). Nope, nothing about jobs in all of that.

Dean Dohrman (r) did vote to screw education (and the University of Central Missouri) in his district.

Dean Dohrman (r) did vote to allow the state to intrude on an individual’s medical decisions.

Let’s see. It’s paid for by the Missouri republican party (they’ve been getting a lot of cash recently from the HRCC), and there are endorsement logos from Missouri Right to Life, the NRA, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and the Missouri Chamber – all functionally republican front organizations.

There’s irony everywhere. Consider this: Gary Grigsby, the Democratic Party candidate in the 51st Legislative District, is an independent businessman. And a former Marine. And a former school teacher. And he serves on the Warrensburg school board.

Oh, by the way, the photography on this particular mailer sucks.