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Yesterday evening we took a road trip to Butler, Missouri to attend the monthly meeting of the Bates County Democratic Club. The club gathered in an office conference room on the square in Butler for a lengthy meeting (and good food) which included several guest speakers. We were tapped to speak about Show Me Progress and blogging. An educator spoke about the necessity to still turn out and vote “No” on Amendment 3 which is on the November ballot. An advocate for the Bates County Senior Center spoke on a local ballot issue which would help support the center. And finally, Sam Foursha, the Democratic candidate in the 126th Legislative District, spoke to the group.

Sam Foursha, the Democratic Party candidate in the 126th Legislative District,

speaking at the Bates County Democratic Club meeting in Butler last night.

Sam Foursha spoke about the importance of education to the district and the state, on health care issues, and on economic development in the area (especially the benefits of encouraging entrepreneurial agribusiness).

The race in the 126th legislative District has become complicated. The incumbent, Representative Randy Pike, passed away recently (and suddenly). Patricia Pike, his widow, was selected as his replacement on the ballot by their party legislative district committee.