By @BginKC

Lord knows Jay Nixon isn’t perfect, but he’s been getting a lot of anger directed at him on social media that ought to be directed toward Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster. It was nine days into the turmoil in Ferguson before we even heard from him, and then he successfully argued a blatantly unconstitutional law (this is the United States…the whole damn enterprise is a free speech and assembly zone, from sea to sea and border to border) that says demonstrators must “keep moving.”

I sooooo want a time machine so I can retract my 2008 support for him. I owe Margaret Donnelly an apology, and she will get it, too…I, unlike our elected officials, admit my mistakes. Supporting Chris Koster was a mistake. It’s really quite simple…if he doesn’t believe in the First Amendment, I don’t believe in him. Period.

St. Louis, Mo. – Attorney General Chris Koster this evening argued in federal court against an ACLU motion filed late Monday for a Temporary Restraining Order to block officers from enforcing a requirement that individuals remain moving unless gathered in an organized protest area. The Missouri State Highway Patrol and the law enforcement agencies operating under their direction have asked protestors to move off the main thoroughfares of Ferguson. The St. Louis County Police Department publically announced a designated protest area established at Ferguson and West Florissant.

After hearing arguments from the ACLU, St. Louis County, and Koster, representing the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Judge Catherine Perry of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri denied the ACLU’s motion, clearing the way for law enforcement officers to continue their efforts to protect the people and property of Ferguson.

“The vast majority of protestors we have seen are peaceful,” said Koster. “However, law enforcement has repeatedly encountered groups employing violence against officers, businesses, and threatening the citizens of Ferguson. The threat on the Unified Command Center on Sunday evening necessitated the establishment of reasonable measures to protect public safety, including an alternate site for protesters. Peaceful protest will continue, but the violence must stop.”

Added Koster, “This restriction is as narrowly tailored as the gunfire and violence along West Florissant Avenue will allow.”

All I ask is that you remember who you’re really mad at…and this is on Chris Koster, not Jay Nixon. He is not powerless here. Per the Missouri Constitution, he has the power, as the top law enforcement officer in the state, to make things right…all by himself! He could remove the Ferguson police chief from office and he could appoint a special prosecutor to bring charges against the cop who murdered that child.

Instead, he hides, sucks his thumb and takes the side of the police rioters.