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Salus populi suprema lex esto – not so much these days.

In 2012, in the 51st Legislative District:

Official Election Returns

State of Missouri – General Election, Tuesday, November 06, 2012

As announced by the Board of State Canvassers on Wednesday, December 05, 2012

State Representative – District 51 (22 of 22 Precincts Reported)

Gary L. Grigsby Democrat 6,244 46.4%

Dean A. Dohrman Republican 6,714 49.9%

Bill Wayne Libertarian 504 3.7%

Total Votes 13,462

In the Kansas City Star:

Getting more Missouri Democrats elected in 2012 would have helped Gov. Jay Nixon now

April 25


The Kansas City Star

Gary Grigsby needed just 471 votes. Paul Quinn needed 583. For Mark Ellebracht, the magic number was 214.

All are Democrats who needed just a nudge from a popular governor like Jay Nixon to put them over the top in their state representative races in 2012….

….Even if Nixon succeeds in killing the current measure, Republicans have time this session to revise it, putting the governor in the same jam.

He has no one to blame but himself. In 2012, he could have done more.

Morgan gets that Nixon sold himself as a different sort of politician who is not ideologically driven. He has a tough Republican legislature to deal with. Any pol wants a big re-election win.

But a more engaged Nixon would have put 10 more D’s into House seats, he said.

“He’s looking out for himself.”

One vote.

A letter to the editor written by Gary Grigsby – a member of the Warrensburg R-VI school board and current Democratic Party candidate in the 51st Legislative District, appeared in yesterday’s Warrensburg Daily Star Journal:


Senate Bill 509, also known as SB509, has been passed by the Missouri Legislature and sent to Governor Nixon for consideration.  The provisions of the Missouri Constitution (Article III, Section 31) provide 15 days for the Governor to decide whether to sign into law or Veto the Bill.  

Last year, the Legislature passed a similar tax cut Bill (HB253) in the waning days of the regular session.  Instead of 15 days, the Governor had 45 days to decide on that Bill.  His Veto then became the subject of an override attempt in the September Veto Session.  The Legislature may take up for reconsideration for overriding any Bill which was Vetoed by the Governor if the Veto occurs before the regular session ends.  It requires a two-thirds affirmative vote in both chambers of the Legislature.  House Bill 253 failed in the override attempt.  

The effect of putting HB 253 into law was estimated to reduce the state foundation formula to the Warrensburg R-VI School District by a range of $931,428 to $1,612,088 which would have been about 8.5% to 14.6% of the foundation formula.  Superintendent Dr. Scott Patrick received projections that the minimal effect of SB509 would result in nearly $958,000 cut from the state foundation formula for the District.  We cannot sustain the legislature’s roller coaster budget ride and have reasonable plans to move education in the school district forward.

Opponents and proponents to the override of HB253 had several months to take their position to the public and receive feedback from the voters across the state on HB253.  We do not have the luxury of time with SB509 and need to express our opinions immediately to our elected representatives and to the Chair of the Senate Education Committee, our own Senator David Pearce.

The expected override attempt of the anticipated Veto is first voted in the chamber where the Bill originated – in this case the Senate.  If the override question receives a two-thirds vote in the Senate, then it is sent to the House for a similarly required two-thirds affirmative vote which would have the effect of putting that Bill into law.

Putting SB509 into law will gut public education, close Marshall and Higginsville Hab Centers along with about 5 others in the state, and shut down basic services to Missourians.  

Call your state senator and/or representative and ask them to vote “No” on the override attempt.  Missouri schools are already struggling to maintain quality education and cannot sustain the effect of further cuts in state funding.

Gary Grigsby

Warrensburg, MO

[as submitted, with permission of the author]

The House will vote on the veto override this morning. And Representative Dean Dohrman (r) will be one of the votes for the override.


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