By @BginKC

About a week.

That’s about how long it took for the same chain-of-command that Claire McCaskill stabbed Kirsten Gillibrand and every woman who has ever stepped up to serve this country in uniform in the back in her zeal to pledge her troth to, to openly mock her in public.

An Army general who carried on a three-year affair with a captain and had two other inappropriate relationships with subordinates was reprimanded and docked $20,000 in pay Thursday, avoiding prison in one of the military’s most closely watched courts-martial.

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, the former deputy commander of the storied 82nd Airborne Division, was believed to be the highest-ranking U.S. military officer ever court-martialed on sexual assault charges. But earlier this week those charges were dropped when he pleaded guilty to adultery and having inappropriate relationships with two other women by asking them for nude pictures and exchanging sexually explicit email with them.

It sounds tough until you consider that the least amount of money a Brigadier General with his years of service can make in a month is over $12,000 and the “fine” seems laughable. It’s less than two months pay. It’s not just a joke…it’s a deliberate insult, a veritable horse’s head in Claire McCaskill’s bed. But not as a warning. Just for kicks. Just because the ringknockers wanted to mock her and make her their bitch.

Today, Claire McCaskill is the cheerleader who is sobbing on the town square in her underpants while the varsity boys – in this case the chain of command she so stupidly protected – hoot and jeer and call her a slut:

Sinclair immediately announced his retirement, a humiliating fall for the battle-tested commander once regarded as a rising star in the Army. A disciplinary board could still bust him in rank and severely reduce his pension.

After the sentence was handed down, Sinclair, 51, smiled and hugged his two lawyers in the courtroom. Outside the building, he made a brief statement.

“The system worked.”

The difference between the gender-traitor Claire McCaskill and the actual victims of sexual violence is that she is not only not an actual object of pity, she really was asking for it. She knew better, and she was warned in no uncertain terms what a foolish errand she was undertaking, carrying water for the top brass.

Now they have done to her with her clothes on but in front of more people what they have done to countless young female recruits. And anyone who thinks this sentence and the statement issued by Sinclair weren’t a gigantic, delivered-in-public-for-maximum-humiliation “fuck you” to her, I have a bridge for sale.

I hope she’s a quick study and sets about correcting her error. That starts with a public apology to Senator Gillibrand.