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We do take notice when candidates make contributions to their own campaigns. It’s usually the really, really big individual contributions that garner old media attention. A candidate contributing a modest amount to their own down ticket campaign has historically been a relative common occurrence. We are noting somewhat larger contributions in this league, though nothing in the seven figure range. Yet.

The past few days, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C131173 03/08/2014 COMMITTEE TO ELECT GARY MYERS Gary Myers 4810 S Lakewood St Joseph MO 64506 Attorney 3/7/2014 $20,000.00

C131017 03/08/2014 CITIZENS FOR BURLISON Bill Burlison P. O. Box 68 Wardell MO 63879 self attorney 3/7/2014 $30,000.00

A141099 03/09/2014 FRIENDS OF KIM YORK Kim York 604 Horizon Parkway Raymore MO 64083 Cass County accountant, auditor 3/7/2014 $30,000.00

[emphasis added]

In case you were wondering, one of the candidates is running for associate circuit judge (Missouri judicial canon can make campaign fundraising a little more complicated), one is running for state representative, and one is running for circuit court clerk.