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What, exactly? Just asking.

Today, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C101457 01/03/2014 MISSOURI FARMERS CARE Missouri Corn Merchandising Council 3118 Emerald Lane Jefferson City MO 65109 1/3/2014 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

And, just before the end of 2013:


C101457 12/31/2013 MISSOURI FARMERS CARE LUCAS CATTLE COMPANY 26397 HIGHWAY AA EDWARDS MO 65326 12/31/2013 $50,000.00

[emphasis added]

In previous years the PAC hasn’t raised or spent outrageous amounts of money (yes, that’s all relative). Why now?

Ah. Missouri Farming Rights Amendment. Does this have anything to do with the puppies in 2010?

Uh, yep.

In the St. Louis Beacon:

Proposed ‘right to farm’ constitutional amendment likely to end up in court

By Jo Mannies, Beacon political reporter

6:13 am on Mon, 06.17.13

….Missouri’s ballot measure is among several “right to farm” constitutional amendments proposed in a number of Midwestern states, including Indiana and Iowa. An amendment was approved by voters last fall in North Dakota.

The wording in the various states differs widely, but Kleinsorge and Hurst say the aim is the same – to protect agriculture from what they see as undue pressure from the government and animal-rights or environmental groups.

Prop B is probably a catalyst for a lot of what has happened since then, but this is really forward-looking,” said Kleinsorge. “What we’re trying to do is establish this right to farm on a constitutional level, so that farming and ranching practices can’t be banned in the future.”

Some critics contend that the proposal actually is aimed at protecting Monsanto and other major agribusinesses, some of which have been at odds with farmers over their use of genetically modified seeds and so-called “factory farms” with huge numbers of animals, such as chickens and pigs.

Kleinsorge disagrees. “This is for the small guy,” he said.

Although Monsanto and Cargill are members of the Missouri Farmers Care coalition, “the vast majority of our donors are farmers from Missouri,” Kleinsorge emphasized. All of the members, big or small, are contributing the same $500 a year to the group, he added….

[emphasis added]

$500.00 a year. Isn’t that quaint.

Evidently not anymore.