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Senator Roy Blunt (r-lobbyists), a few days ago via Twitter:

Senator Roy Blunt ‏@RoyBlunt

A family from Troy was forced off their health care & is now paying 125% more for #ObamaCare mandated insurance. [….] 1:15 PM – 14 Nov 13

Some of the responses:

Tim Deveney ‏@TimDeveney

@RoyBlunt Can you also share stories of people who couldn’t get insurance because of preexisting conditions and now can? 1:20 PM – 14 Nov 13

James Overholt ‏@JamesOverholt

.@RoyBlunt The senator who spent his entire term whining. I’ll never vote for him. 2:09 PM – 14 Nov 13

Lion Callie ‏@lioncallie

@royblunt The family from Troy can shop around! Was the insurance that was more covered the same as old one or did it offer more? 4:17 PM – 14 Nov 13

Those were polite ones.