By @BginKC

You can add disgusted and offended to my very core to the list of feelings I’m experiencing this morning, too. I’m disappointed in the result, but I’m disgusted and offended by the fact that less than fifteen percent bothered to turn out and vote.

The issue that no one bothered to vote on yesterday was a sales tax for biomedical research, and I admit to a personal bias. One of the primary recipients of the money the new tax would have brought in would have been the Brain and Stroke Institute at St. Luke’s, and I give that place the lions share of the credit for the fact that I’m even here, let alone that I’ve been able to resume my life pretty much unhindered after not one, but two complex brain aneurysms and a medically-induced stroke caused during the repair of the first one.

One of the bits of crowing I picked up from one of the people who opposed the tax — right before I “unfriended” and “blocked” the person doing the crowing — on Facebook was that taxpayers should never have to pay for research like that. That was maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever read on the internet and it was the final straw…taxpayers always pay for research. Let me give you an example – you are reading this on the internet and the internet has its roots in taxpayer-funded research known as DARPA-net.

The Brain and Stroke Institute won’t fold up their tent and leave town. Children’s Mercy hospital won’t stop doing research into lifesaving cures for childhood cancers and genetic diseases. The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine will keep training research scientists along with the doctors and nurses and allied health professionals they graduate every year. The research that is going on currently won’t be affected, it won’t even be slowed down. But we won’t be picking up the pace, we won’t be hiring new scientists, we won’t be creating 150-200 new good-paying support-position jobs, and most importantly, we won’t be making potential lifesaving breakthroughs fast enough to save some of the people who will need saving.