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The republican instigated government shutdown continues…

From Senator Claire McCaskill (D) today, via Twitter:

Claire McCaskill ‏@clairecmc

Working at Capitol. In caucus. 11:52 AM – 12 Oct 13

A sample of constituent responses:

Kevin ‏@KevinWalsh222

so do you think the R senators saying “we lost it was a dumb move” are falling on swords to bring down “joe mcccarthy cruz”?@clairecmc 11:55 AM – 12 Oct 13

sean patrick ‏@RoRuckus

@clairecmc Hang in there! 11:56 AM – 12 Oct 13

tlcesq ‏@tlcesq

@clairecmc 1) Nuclear option. 2) don’t cave. 11:56 AM – 12 Oct 13

Evidently, not into compromise for the sake of compromise or the sensibilities of the inside the beltway cocktail weenie circuit.

Scotts Contracting ‏@StLHandyMan

@clairecmc Be Part of the Solution is my advice…Don’t cave to the #GOP. #StayTheCourse they are on the Ropes and grasping for anything 12:01 PM – 12 Oct 13

Bison as metaphor ‏@bidwell_g

@clairecmc but can anything not harmful get done w/ GOP intransigent as molasses in winter? do not capitulate else pattern shall repeat 12:01 PM – 12 Oct 13

And there are a few responses from teabaggers who want the world to burn down. It’s in their nature.