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The money to support the effort to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of HB 253 is trickling downhill.

Astroturfing – A professional political campaign disguised as a ‘grassroots’ uprising (astroturf is artificial grass). Also used to claim that a political opponent’s supporters are motivated not by honest philosophical disagreement but by coarse opportunism….

If the coarse opportunism fits…

Today, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C010081 08/01/2013 MO CHAMBER PAC Grow Missouri 308 E High Street Suite 301 Jefferson City MO 65101 7/30/2013 $200,000.00

[emphasis added]

Why, that’s quite a chunk of change. Where could it have come from?:

Campaign Finance: be afraid, be very afraid (July 11, 2013)


Today, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C131097 07/11/2013 GROW MISSOURI Rex Sinquefield 244 Bent Walnut Westphalia MO 65085 Retired 7/9/2013 $1,300,000.00

[emphasis added]

Yep, it’s ironic. Nope, that’s not a typo.

Ah, apparently it’s all about drumming up propaganda to promote overriding Governor Jay Nixon’s (D) veto of HB 253.

Gee, who would benefit from that?

One person, one really big check, many PACs. It’s so simple even a right wingnut billionaire can fund it.


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