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Today, the leftwing blogsphere has a leaked memo to House Republicans on how they should represent themselves in August:

They are Fighting Washington for You.

I recommend looking at to see how much of the suggestions are followed by our members of Congress.

Here is the key paragraph for how they are to represent themselves (from the suggestion op-ed letter that they should send out):

Washington is out of control.

But every day I serve in Congress, I work to fight Washington. I’m fighting Washington to spur economic growth and create more jobs. I’m fighting Washington to hold government accountable to taxpayers. I’m working to dismantle ObamaCare and makeAmerica energy independent. I’m working to cut wasteful spending, expand educational opportunities, and rein in red tape. I’m fighting Washington for you.

Remember that line: Fighting Washington for you.

I look forward to reading how that farm bill Hartzler voted for is fighting Washington for the 4th District.

The only thing that is missing is the powerpoint that Hartzler always has to remind her what she needs to say at these forums.