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At the White House petition site:

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Change the national motto from “In God We Trust” to “E pluribus unum.” (protip: We are not a theocracy.)

The national motto “In God We Trust” is horrifying and it perpetuates the idea that religion is in any way associated with our government. George Washington would be ashamed.

Upon its establishment, the government embodied the Enlightenment idea of separation of church and state. Somehow, Senate managed to ignore this and basic political rights during the Cold War era: In 1956, they passed legislation that codified “In God We Trust” as the official national motto as part of their containment policy during the Cold War – i.e., the containment of the spread of communism.

WE ARE NOT A THEOCRACY, the Cold War ended, and this should never have become our national motto.

I petition the government to change our national motto to “E pluribus unum,” for in god we should not have to trust.

Created: Jul 05, 2013

Issues: Civil Rights and Liberties, Education, Government Reform

Signatures needed by August 04, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000 86,917

Total signatures on this petition 13,083

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We petition the Obama Administration to:

Make “Party in the USA” our National Anthem

Obama please make Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” our national anthem. It is what is best for this country.

Created: Jul 02, 2013

Issues: Arts and Humanities, Firearms, Human Rights

Signatures needed by August 01, 2013 to reach goal of 100,000 99,737

Total signatures on this petition 263

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There must not be very many fans of the party tune.

Oh, wait…