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There was a rally in support of Medicaid expansion at the capitol in Jefferson City today. The republican House majority decided to meet elsewhere.

Via Twitter:

Rep. Stacey Newman ‏@staceynewman

Proud to be with Rep. Genise Montecillo at Medicaid Capitol Rally…GOP escaped to avoid facing Missourians. pic.twitter.com/toxzyDg7kg 5:21 PM – 16 Apr 13

Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

Your Coward Caucus, the GOP reps who escaped to @MO_Farm_Bureau during #MOMedcaid lobby day and rally. #moleg pic.twitter.com/WEYwCnaRXQ 3:49 PM – 16 Apr 13

If a constituent visits the state capitol and you’re not there to hear what they have to say, did they make a sound?