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Well, this is interesting:

December 28, 2012

Journalist makes Missouri Scout end-of-year list

Yokley to cover state Legislature for The Joplin Globe

….Yokley said he does not think of himself so much as a blogger, but as a journalist.

In a recent interview, Yokley said: “Whenever I think ‘blogger,’ I think of partisan guys who sit in their basements and yell about things from the left or right. That’s not what I do….”

Oh, really? Don’t they teach you in J-school about avoiding that lazy default to tired cliches thing? Just asking.

In the good old days, before they taught him the secret handshake and the “all opposing views are equal” catechism.

It gets better:

Taunia Adams

Yesterday at 4:04pm ·

   What sets some people apart from others? A floor or two.


The Turner Report: New Joplin Globe state house correspondent: I’m not a blogger; I’m a journalist



Tammy Fortysevenpercent Booth My hopes were never high for young Mr. Yokely. He was too easily smitten and eager to be liked by the people who are supposed to fear journalists to the extent that they behave themselves. Instead, he’s who Tim Jones would have hired if he was the one doing the Globe’s candidate search — a kid with stars in his eyes who will toe the mark and walk the party line.

Yesterday at 4:24pm

Eli Yokley You spelled my name wrong.

Anyway. Stay tuned.

Yesterday at 4:30pm

Taunia Adams Pretty big dis to all the bloggers out there.

Yesterday at 4:32pm

Tammy Fortysevenpercent Booth Sorry about that — I was going to edit and correct, but now there is no need. As for staying tuned…I will.

Yesterday at 4:32pm

Eli Yokley I have never taken on the title ‘blogger’ because I never considered the work I do blogging. I took on the title of journalist because I believe I’ve spent the last nearly three years doing real shoe-leather journalism that I felt was lacking in Missouri. With The Fuse Joplin and PoliticMo, I took on journalism as a public service, and with the opportunity The Joplin Globe has given me, I hope to continue in that same spirt

Yesterday at 4:33pm

Taunia Adams Cool. Why’d you take down the bloggers around you?

Yesterday at 4:34pm

Tammy Fortysevenpercent Booth Just remember why blogs evolved beyond the AOL chatroom stage…The traditional media has failed us miserably. That is why we all started doing the blogging thang — in my case eight years ago.

Yesterday at 4:35pm

Tammy Fortysevenpercent Booth And yes, I am offended at the sniffy “**I’m** not a blogger.” You sure as hell were, whether you want to own it or not.

Yesterday at 4:36pm

Shelley Powers Blogger is short for weblogger, which was derived, a long time ago, from the description for the software that allows people to easily publish online. Basically the same software that now powers every major online publication today.

Saying you’re not a blogger is like saying you’re not a typewriter or printing press.

Yesterday at 5:25pm

Dude, you don’t engage in a battle of wits with someone who was blogging when you still had Star Wars sheets on your bed.

Don’t forget to wave to us from the House press gallery. Oh, wait