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Clowns to the right of me, jokers to the far right…

One of my favorite sequence of photos from the 2012 campaign – Senator Claire McCaskill (D) going

door to door in her old neighborhood in Kansas City on November 2, 2012.

Here’s the thing. There are now fifty-five Senators (if you count Angus King, the Independent from Maine) in the Democratic Party caucus in the United States Senate. Elizabeth Warren (D), representing Masschusetts, and Tammy Baldwin (D), representing Wisconsin, are formidable individuals, both in intellect and political acumen. Now that the Overton Window has moved slightly away from the insane right wing do you think it might be a good time to make pragmatic compromises with the left rather than just give the store away to the obstructionist right? Just asking.

You did do better than Jeff Flake (r), John Tester (D), Dean Heller (r), Martin Heinrich (D), and Sherrod Brown (D) – just to name a few. Take the gig for a spin and see what it can do.

And, if our math is correct, being number fifty in the United States Senate puts you somewhere within your party and not to the far right edge of it. 1,484,683 Missouri voters weren’t exactly enamored with Todd Akin (r), so there might not be a need to cater to the whims of the 39.2% in Missouri and their kindred spirits in the United States Senate who were.

Besides, you should know by now that we’ve got your back.


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