Yesterday, while digging the hole deeper, Rep. Todd Akin tried to explain what he meant by “legitimate rape.”

Arguing that he misplaced the word “legitimate,” Akin explained – during a follow up interview with Dana Loesch – that he meant to argue that women sometimes lie about being raped

The same concern with whether or not a putative rape victim might belying surfaced in the comments attached to an article about Claire McCaskill showed the same willingness to consider the root of the issue whether or not women lie about being raped:

A girl I knew in college got pregnant by her boyfriend but told her parents she had been raped so they would pay for her abortion. Dr. Joe Primrose, retired Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine & Barnes-Jewish Hospital E.R. Physician, on Charlie Brennan’s show today guessed that as many as 15 to 20 percent of women who show up at St. Louis area ER rooms claiming to have been raped are lying. …