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Grab the popcorn; we’ve got a couple months left until November and GOP court jester Todd Akin will evidently be around during the whole time so we can count on a few more big belly laughs between now and then. Akin discussed his decision go on with his campaign, despite his recent “legitimate rape” gaffe. with with fellow right-wing fantasist, Mike Huckabee on Huckabee’s radio program:

According to Talking Points Memo (TPM), Akin also made the following statement:

I also know that people do become pregnant from rape and I didn’t mean to imply that that wasn’t the case, […] It does happen.

So why did he say the opposite? Does he mean that he knows it now, but he didn’t yesterday? TPM also noted that Sunday Akin tried to excuse himself by saying that he meant “forcible” rape, and not “legitimate” rape, from which I suppose we should infer that his apologies are directed at the true believers and consist of no more than his mea culpas for failing to use the requisite code, and thereby embarrassing like-minded, but more discrete members of his party.

Want to talk about chutzpah though? TPM also reports that the supposedly contrite Akin finished his interview not only by invoking 9/11 (a lesson he must have learned during the Bush years), but he even asked GOPers calling on him to step down to donate money to his campaign. You see what I mean about two more months of unending – if mindless – entertainment?

UPDATE:  Hell hath no fury like the wrath of wingers exposed as charlatans. Which is to say, Akin’s SuperPAC support has already started drying up, and the chorus of GOP condemnation is growing steadily mightier. Just about the only person – apart from Dana Loesch – who thinks Akin should stay in the race is Claire McCaskill, who piously observes that national GOP has no right to dictate to Missourians who elected Akin fair and square. Charitable of her, isn’t it.

UPDATE 2: As per TPM, Todd Akin now “stands alone,” no GOP suppot, mega pressure being applied to get him out before tomorrow’s deadline. But would support re-materialize if he sticks in there? Otherwise, GOP loses Senate for sure. Stay tuned …

UPDATE 3: There are rumblings that Akin’s caving, getting ready to quit. Will he or won’t he? The suspense builds … . Possible replacements:

… include three former senators: John Ashcroft, Jim Talent, and Kit Bond. Other names being mentioned include former Ambassador Ann Wagner, who is running for Akin’s now-vacant seat; and Auditor Tom Schweich

Or – wait for it – maybe John Brunner.  Wasn’t he intended to be the anti-Akin in the first place – old,white, male and utterly, safely predictable? The only Republican left out of this list is Sarah Steelman. Wonder why?